Rep. Dan Crenshaw Calls Joaquin Castro's Doxxing Tactics Fascism

Submitted by MAGA Student

Posted 11 days ago

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) talked about Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX)’s doxxing of Trump supporter in an interview he did on Fox News Radio with Townhall‘s Guy Benson. Crenshaw described the doxxing as fascism. He also suggested that censure be on the table for consideration:


Crenshaw: … he wants people to think twice because he wants to bully them and shame them in public and potentially dox them and potentially even even incite some kind of retribution against them. You know, there’s another term for this kind of tactic, Guy. It’s called fascism. This is what it is. When you when you try to bully people into thinking and acting different and especially coming from an elected official this is extremely worrying. I think what he did is absolutely disgusting. It also makes it very hard to justify what we thought we all agreed on which was transparency in how money in politics moves. But if you’re going to weaponize that transparency it’s going to be very difficult to defend it. And that’s really problematic. And it’s just as a culture that’s not where we should be. It really isn’t. Trying to mobilize efforts against private citizens is a really, really disgusting thing to do.


Benson: Should Joaquin Castro be censured by the House?

Crenshaw: I think we should consider it. You know, I say this a lot. It’s one thing when you come after me. It’s one thing when you pick on somebody your own size. It’s one thing when you pick on somebody who has a platform to defend themselves. It’s one thing when you pick on an elected official who chose to get into the fray. It is quite another when you pick on individual citizens who do not have that option. And I see it from the left all the time. It’s absolutely abhorrent. I see them calling out Trump voters. I see them calling them names. People who can’t defend themselves. We saw it at the at the Teen Summit a couple of weeks ago. I saw it on Stephen Colbert’s show where he’s calling out these teenagers, making fun of them. He’s got to show with a platform for millions of people but these teenagers do not, OK? And these donors do not have the ability to defend themselves, either. Joaquin Castro has a platform as an elected official. If he wants to pick on somebody, he should pick on somebody his own size.