New Mexico Governor Is Refusing To Cooperate With Trump Administration!

Submitted by MAGA Student

Posted 11 days ago

Shouldn’t the governor of a state be more concern about citizens than illegals?

The governor of New Mexico said he will not reveal employment information to assist the Trump Administration’s ICE raids.

From Huff Post:

New Mexico denied U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement requests for the state’s employment records, including records on residents receiving unemployment benefits, the state’s workforce director said.

The workforce system ICE wanted to access includes the names, addresses and financial information of practically every working and unemployed person in the state, Bill McCamley, secretary of the Department of Workforce Solutions, told HuffPost.

“This governor is not going to participate in the Trump administration’s efforts to destroy families,” McCamley added.

The development highlights the growing politicization of ICE operations as Democratic-led jurisdictions refuse to cooperate with what they view as increasingly indiscriminate deportation efforts under President Donald Trump. ICE had largely abandoned large-scale worksite raids in 2008, but the Trump administration has revived them, carrying out the largest single-state operation in the agency’s history this week in Mississippi.

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