UK police warn people mocking convicted drug dealer’s hairstyle they could be prosecuted

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Posted 9 days ago

Police in south Wales have warned the public not to mock the appearance of a wanted man - or they could face a criminal investigation.


Police in South Wales have warned members of the public who made fun of a convicted drug dealer’s haircut they could be prosecuted for their remarks.

Gwent Police used Facebook to appeal for information about Jermaine Taylor from Newport who is being recalled to prison after breaching his licence release conditions.

They shared the 21-year-old’s mugshot, which appears to show the man with a receding hairline, alongside the appeal in a bid to track him down.

His hairstyle attracted a slew of jokes and puns in the comments – with the image of Taylor having been liked more than 10,000 times, shared 14,000 times and commented on over 80,000 times.

Gwent Police sought to stop people mocking the man’s appearance by telling them they could face a criminal investigation for certain comments.