The Dangers of "Red Flag" Laws Have Been Exposed As Life-Threatening For Gunowners!

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Gunowners have the potential to lose their lives over bad red flag laws nationally. In Maryland, a bad red flag law led to the death of a law-abiding civilian, and in Vermont, a bad red flag law led to an unlawful confiscation of a large gun collection, all because a relative planned to steal the gunowner's firearms.

From FMShooter:

Following a weekend in which two mass shooters gunned down dozens of people, President Trump and other GOP leaders came out and gave implied support to “Red Flag” laws that could presumably allow authorities to seize firearms from gunowners without due process:

Looking to capitalize on emotions, Democrats attempted to guilt Trump and McConnell into forcing the Senate out of recess to pass worthless gun controls which would not have stopped either shooting:

A growing number of Democrats are calling on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to cancel the chamber’s August recess so that they can take up gun control legislation in the wake of two mass shootings this weekend.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., called on the Republican leader to end the chamber’s break to vote on a universal background check bill after the two shootings… The Senate is currently in recess until September.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt…, also called on McConnell to bring the Senate back into session.

Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, made the same plea in a tweet on Sunday.

Rep. Ted Lieu, D-Calif., also pressed McConnell to bring the bill to a vote.

Obviously gun control always talks about taking the guns without due process, but yet, they never mention taking the car keys and driver’s licenses with them (much less the prescription painkillers). Apparently a gun is deadly, but a 3000+lb vehicle is not…

2016 Nice attack, France (86 killed ramming people and gunfire, 458 injured)
2016 Berlin attack, Germany (shooting truck driver and ramming people; 12 killed)
2017 Jerusalem truck attack, Israel (ramming people; 4 killed)
2017 Westminster attack, London, England, United Kingdom (ramming and stabbing; some victims were thrown off Westminster Bridge by the ramming; 5 killed)
2017 Stockholm attack, Sweden (ramming people; 5 killed)
June 2017 London Bridge attack, England, United Kingdom (ramming and stabbing; 8 killed)
2017 Barcelona attacks, Barcelona, Spain (ramming, stabbing and bombings; 16 killed 152 injured)
2017 New York City truck attack (ramming cyclists and runners; 8 killed)
2018 Münster vehicle ramming (ramming crowd at an outdoor café, killing four and injuring 23; perpetrator then took his own life)
2018 Toronto van attack (ramming people; 10 killed)
If someone is dangerous enough to be considered a threat to multiple others, why are they not locked up in a mental institution, instead of seizing firearms and praying the problem goes away? If “Trump supporters” are committing all the mass shootings, why does the DNC never talk about taking away voting rights with the guns? Perhaps the DNC is worried its voting block might be ultimately responsible for these shootings, as was all but certainly the case in Dayton:

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