BREAKING: Chaos In Hong Kong!

Submitted by MAGA Student

Posted 7 days ago

It’s truly sad about what’s happening in happening on Hong Kong right now. Protestors and the the police have been clashing for about 10 weeks now, rejecting a proposed extradition law.

The Hong Kong Airport has been locked down for two days.

Watch protestors clash with police:


Hong Kong International Airport canceled all flights for the second straight day on Tuesday as riot police stormed the airport and clashed with thousands of anti-government protesters.

"Terminal operations at Hong Kong International Airport have been seriously disrupted, and all check-in processes have now been suspended," the airport authority said in a statement.

As hundreds of outgoing and incoming flights were cancelled at one of the world's busiest airport and a major hub for the region, travelers were advised to leave the terminals as quickly as possible and contact the airlines for more information.

Tuesday marked the fifth consecutive day that demonstrators have occupied the airport.