New York Times columnist has insomnia because of Trump

Submitted by MAGA Student

Posted 15 days ago


New York Times columnist Michelle Goldberg indicated on Friday that President Trump's election was so upsetting that it gave her years of insomnia.

That tidbit came in a column about Democratic pollster Stanley Greenberg making what she calls a "thrilling prediction" that 2020 will see a "blue wave" that will "crash and shatter the Republican Party."

"His confidence will not be enough to lessen the insomnia that has plagued me since the cursed night when Trump was elected," Goldberg wrote.

Golberg previously claimed democracy was in danger and that "Trump has treated his oath of office the way he’s rumored to have treated a Moscow hotel bed." She's also called the president a "professional racist" and decried the "moral and psychic cost to participating in the fiction that people who work for Trump are in any sense public servants.”