Public Support For Impeachment Drops Bigly

Submitted by MAGA Student

Posted 6 days ago

According to the Morning Consult Poll, the public support for impeachment has dropped by 4% to 47%.

From The Hill

Support for President Trump's impeachment slipped 4 percentage points since mid-October, according to a poll released Wednesday.

The Morning Consult survey found that 47 percent of respondents now back impeachment. In mid-October, a record-high majority — 51 percent — supported it.

Those opposed to impeachment held steady at 43 percent, where it has stood since House Democrats launched an impeachment inquiry over the president's dealings with Ukraine in September.
Responses on how House Democrats have managed the inquiry are also virtually unchanged in the new survey, with more than 4 in 5 Democrats backing their representatives in the House and a similar number of Republicans disagreeing with the House Democrats’ methods.

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